Mar. 2019

This is so cool, I need to do it!

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DBGH idea - A coffee chats’ result
Some people might think the coffee chats come to the end when you say goodbye to each other and see him or her disappear in the crowd. But sometimes you can be inspired by the conversation and that might change your days (I want to say life, but might too early to say that). DBGH is a good example of that.

Start - A coffee chat with Rachel

Some people you just mean to have a chat - you meet them everywhere and that is the sign. I met Rachel Worcou in different events, once she was the speaker and later I found out she was my friend’s friend (this kind of relationship is very valuable and that helped me a lot along the way). So we grabbed a coffee and talked for a while.

It was such a special chat - for the first time, somebody is willing to share her struggles with me (instead of listening to my blah blah blah, kidding). I always remember that she said, “I was born and raised in Australia and I spent one and a half year looking for jobs. I just cannot imagine how hard you guys from different cultural backgrounds to do this.” That was also my first time to nearly cry in a coffee chat. 

The thing that affected me the most is one of her works, Insights of an intern. It is a book about her first internship and it recorded all the lessons she learned in the process. I always planned to do some personal projects to keep myself creative, and that just gave me the hint, yes, I am always a fan of recording journey and how can I miss this special time.

This is so cool, I need to do it!

Push to start - A coffee chat with Stuart

With the idea in my mind, I met my tutor Stuart Geddes. I did not plan to chat with him, I just randomly saw him in the art book fair in NGV. We had a little chat while he showed me around, reminding me of all those old great time (well, not too old - it was only one year ago). He then said, “Kim and I talked about you the other day and we should catch up for coffee together”, and I immediately respond, “ok, when?” 

It was kind of rude but I got the chance to talk with him for hours. He shared his experience exploring his career path and also encouraged me to start the project as soon as possible. “You will get hired soon, and then you will have no time to do that”, he said (omg, he was so positive that time).

One big decision that we made together was the platform. Stuart is a book expert and I was inspired by Rachel’s book, so it is easy to think of making another one. But for me, I think the digital platform would be better - I want to read Rachel’s book, but till now, I still did not get the chance to see the physical one. I want a platform that can update anytime (do not have to think of the pages) and can be easily accessed - we chose the website. Here is the process of me designing and redesigning it and we will talk about learning to code in another story.

Change - many more coffee chats
Because of the project, I got the chance to meet more people in the industry and all these chats become my materials. I also feel the responsibility of making this project on a higher level, for myself and many others at the same stage. That kind of thinking reshaped my questions for coffee chats - I have a more specific direction of questions to ask and a clearer idea of what info I need. 

In this process, I also feel having a job is not that important to me (it is still a thing though), instead, I care more about how I will use this period to explore more potentials of my career paths. At the same time, turning the stress and pressure into something creative and experimental, like in the forms of art or design (or even stand up comedy), I feel better, much better. 

To be honest, I do not know how long this project will end with, and I do not know how it will go. But it does not matter - it is a journey. My other tutor, Vincent Chan, wrote an email to me and said, “you will be fine. Keep at it and enjoy the process if you can.”

Also like Rachel said, “you’ll get there.”

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