Mar. 2019

Have a taste of the industry.

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It is not that easy for me to ask my friends for giving me chances in the industry, partly because most of them are new to the industry and have similar skills as I do.

However, there are still opporunities (and sometimes we just need one opportunity, the right one). Duan is one of my friends that already worked in the industry for years, especially in the advertising field. We got to know each other because of the project Program Records (that was my second project at RMIT, I danced on the presentation day, so many people got to know me). Duan was interested in my thinking process and our conversation began from that.

Because I am so new to the real creative world, so he is naturally my go-to when I have questions (that I am always with). I sometimes can feel that I am slowly "dragged" to the advertising world (I prefer saying that he saw some shining points in me that are suitable for the industry). However, I still had no ideas about what is it like, in real.

One day, he asked me, we have a shooting day, do you want to comeļ¼Ÿ

Absolutely yes (I am always a yes person, as you can see).

It was for promoting a Chinese restaurant in Melbourne to the local audience, so Duan's team chose to take a series of short films for cinemas.

Before the (big) day, I helped to prepare the shoes for the models (and learned that you always need a plan B). Doing this kind of jobs, it needs help from all the people involved, tho when you have more hands, sometimes things can still be complicated.

However, watching how experienced people deal with the chaos brought the perfect chance for me to learn from everyone (and at this point, I am so open to get connected. Another thing that I am interested in is diffferent ways and attitudes to life - I am curious about the potential of living). For the whole day, I kept asking questions, not only to Duan but also to models, makeup artists and other staff in the group.

Because my main task was to make sure all the models can be set on time so I communicated with the models a lot. That included talking with a hipster that has many holes in body but wear clothes with sharp rivets, a Chinese boy that applied a one-year holiday working visa to be the walk-on here (heard lots of stories about choosing this career from him), a passionate biracial beauty that likes singing and dancing (talked a little bit about belonging)... Besides that, I also took photos to record the day. I also found the interest in the video shooting (but do not want to explore more about that at this stage). Preparing all the materials for the shooting was also a complicated process (I feel so pity for the food that cannot be eaten at the end).

In the plan, there were some martial arts included, however, the actor had no ideas about it. Luckily we had the cameraman who had experience with it and he directed the actor a lot. However, there is a specific part that needs to think of five different actions. It is not easy to think of enough ideas alone, so I provided some options and one of them was selected to be used (I learned many strange things along the journey and sometimes it works). That was my shining moment.

Generally, it was a crazy day for me to get a taste of the industry and the best thing was that I found out myself enjoying it. I cannot say that this field would definitely my thing (because it was just one bite), but I am happy and willing to explore more in that direction.

For me, the process is like tasting different kinds of food in the shop, and I would say that I like this one or/and that one.

But overall, I really like food (design).

And I eat (design) a lot.

And I am hungry to learn (design, as you know).

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