Feb. 2019

To Stay or Not?

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I always accept all the answers in my life (I think it is mainly because I believe in myself that I can always fix it in some ways), but sometimes life forces us to make decisions (and I totally understand that in Asian culture, we are not living for only ourselves).

After graduation, though we all have the chance of getting two more years with a graduation visa (full working condition), most of my Chinese classmates went back to China - so we were left because we did not leave. The main reason is that many international students from our program cannot get a proper job in these years (we do not even have a networking system for getting more information about that).

So my attitude about that was not very clear - it’s like gambling and I struggled a lot (including asked a career advisor from RMIT for help). Staying for another two years is fine for me, going back to China is also fine for me. I thought this attitude might not bother me too much, but things changed until I received my dad’s messages...

My dad told me there is a chance for me to become a teacher back in my hometown. With a background of study overseas, it would be easier for me to get into the system. Compared with the high cost of living abroad alone and the limited hope of getting a job here, working back in my hometown seems like a good choice.

However, the first thing that came to my mind was “no”.

There are two reasons for that. One is that I cannot take responsibility for the students. It is unfair for the students who need to step into the industry after graduation get a teacher without working experience - Nobody deserves it (though today not many teachers think in that way in my hometown, sad!). Another reason is that I feel doubt going back that fast.

I called my friend Rubin, I don’t know why I called him, but I did. As a person who has a similar background, he might understand me more.

He said it is kind of obvious that you already know your answer (yes, I find out that most of the times, people always have the answer in mind when asking for help). Then our conversation came to the direction about how to tell that decision to my parents.

But surprisingly, I made the decision very fast - that is mainly because I know the answer and this thing just pushed me to have a stronger attitude. Most of the time, the attitude of accepting everything saves me from different situations, but sometimes, a stronger attitude helps me to have a clear mind about future direction and also get to know myself better (like what I want, what I care and what I value).

Another surprising thing happened. My parents accepted that decision fast as well.

Yes, it is a good chance to go back, but choosing that also means saying no to many other opportunities - my dream is in space, not in the university.

My dad said when he heard that, he knew, I will stay and can stay.

I now have a stronger willingness to have working experience here and I will fight for it.

As Amiel said, you should stay because you have so many things to do here (Oh, you ask me who Amiel is? Ha, he is a funny guy I met because I stayed, I will get back to him later).

Anyway, my parents would be a little bit bothered by my decision - they need to explain that to my other families. Yes, I sometimes doubted if this is my life or not.

But not from now.

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