I hope this might help...

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I’ve heard this sentence so many times in the past months. I hope you’ve heard that a lot as well because that means, people are helping you.

Hello, I am xyxy. I want to tell you a story, a true story. Though it is quite long, I still want to invite you to this journey of exploring my creative career path in Australia.

It was all started from 2017 - my first time of being here alone from China for the Master of Communication Design Program at RMIT University. Besides improving the design skills, I joined many voluntary events and challenges. I also got my first (paid) intern opportunity in Australia from those events. After two years, I graduated with Distinction.

Then I was chosen to represent the school for Hong Kong Design Week, after that trip, my parents came to visit me for my graduation ceremony. We traveled a little bit in Australia and I finally got the chance to go back to China in these two years, for a holiday.

However, when I came back to Melbourne in January and thought I was ready to work, I began to find out that things became harder than I thought...

Generally, this is a personal project that recorded my journey in finding my first paid job exploring the creative career path in the creative industry in Australia. Many people do not like talking about this process, even when I ask them directly, most people just use one or two sentences to summarize it. Yes, these moments are not that shiny, and sometimes very dark.

But you will know, or probably already know that, though some people are very lucky, for most of us, this process contains much more. Sometimes it is long, so long, too long - If we see this as a game, my mode would definitely be the hard mode, we should admit that.

I feel really grateful that so many people helped me in this journey. I do not know how to pay it back but sharing this with more people.

So now it is my turn - I hope this might help you as well...

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